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Hello! Thank you for partnering with us in the Stained Glass Movement.

Together, we will reach 10 million people with the gospel in 6 months. 

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  • Stained Glass is a fun, beautiful, excellent, Bible-based game
  • Feel the emotions of the Bible characters
  • Think: Christian Candy Crush
  • Challenging and exciting for all ages
  • Download now
  • Global church movement
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Stained Glass stands on it's own feet as a fun, captivating match-3 game. People want to play it! Not only does Stained Glass feature truly entertaining gameplay, but it also immerses the player inside His-story via beautiful artwork of biblical scenes and characters found in the Bible. 

We are launching Stained Glass on March 15, and need all of our partner to urge everyone within their reach to download the app on launch day. The reason is that, in order for the Stained Glass movement to succeed, we need to hit the top 50 charts in the Apple and Google Play stores.  Volume is the key for reaching that goal - 300,000 downloads on launch day. We are confident that a united, global effort of Christian organizations will make this happen!


I could use words such as wholesome, positive and family-friendly to describe Stained Glass, and the description would be accurate, but what I enjoy the most is that it’s simply FUN!
— Rev. Tony Suarez, NHCLC



Who is lightside?

Lightside Games is the leading Christian game publisher in the world. Our games have reached over seven million players worldwide on social platforms. We produce fun, high quality entertainment with a biblical worldview. Our titles include Journey of Jesus, Journey of Moses, and Noah’s Ark. Lightside was founded by CEO Brent Dusing in 2010.

what is stained glass?

Stained Glass is a beautiful, majestic puzzle game that features a captivating retelling of biblical stories and in-game evangelistic tools. Players solve puzzles that form stained glass images. Those stained glass images then come to life. Stained Glass will be available on iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets.


Many people will not read the Bible or go to church, but they will play a game and share it with their community.  Every day we at Lightside go to work with the hope of reaching an unreached people-group - those who love games but have not heard the gospel, at least not in a way that captivated them.  Many of the top grossing and top promoted apps have spiritually dark themes. Stained Glass will be salt and light in that environment, drawing people towards content that is fun and good for the soul.

Why does lightside need partners?

We passionately believe in the power of cross-denominational unity for evangelism. As evidence, an exciting momentum has been building around the Stained Glass movement. Today we have over 20 international partners working together including the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, Foursquare, and NHCLC. The opportunity to spread the Gospel through mobile games is alive with possibility, but only through strong partnerships across the body of Christ.

Lightside has the technology, and our partners bring a deep church network.  We must drive 300,000 downloads of Stained Glass on launch day in order to pierce the Top 50 charts of the app store. If each partner on average drives 12,000 downloads from their network on the day of launch, we will reach that goal!

To illustrate, during a prior game launch we partnered with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  We drove over 150,000 people to their site and BGEA reported over 15,000 decisions for Christ! If that was the result of two organizations working together, how much more can over twenty organizations achieve!? “Of the increase of His government there shall be no end” when we unite to expand His Kingdom!

how much does it cost?

There is no cost to download and play Stained Glass, though players can purchase in-game bonuses to enhance their experience.

is there any controversy?

We aim to re-present the passion, love and majesty found in the biblical stories, but we do allow some artistic interpretation that our players will enjoy. Here are examples of features that may be controversial:

  • Adam and Eve are portrayed as brown-skinned in a manner that reflects a combination of all races.
  • The pause menu contains links to learn more about God, which connect to our trusted evangelistic partners.
  • Although Stained Glass is free, the developers need to support themselves in some manner (Lightside is a for-profit business). As such, Stained Glass offers in-game bonuses and power-ups available for purchase. This is very common with similar games (Candy Crush, for example).
  • The game recounts the stories from the characters' view point. This is an artistic interpretation that attempts to convey the emotions these characters may have felt. Although there are details not found in scripture, nothing in the game violates or contradicts scripture.
  • The cherub that guards the garden is depicted as described in Ezekiel 1, which may take some by surprise (it is not docile looking in the least).
  • The book of Genesis mentions God walking in the garden. We chose to depict Him as the pre-incarnate Christ.

what does lightside believe?

Lightside exists to empower the believer and reach the lost through high-quality, authentic entertainment. We believe that beauty and great storytelling are among the best methods to connect people to the gospel. We believe it is vitally important for the Christian worldview to be represented in the entertainment industry, particularly in social media platforms and mobile app stores (over 500 million people play mobile games every week).


Although we do not quote the Bible verbatim in Stained Glass, we draw from our favorite translations including the KJV, NKJV, NIV, Amplified, and more. We have worked diligently to paraphrase in a manner that maintains the spirit and truth of the Bible, emphasizing the emotions and motivations of characters while staying true to the Word. To illustrate, for our narrative in The Garden, Eve says, "The birds’ melodies filled the air .…” Our creative use of language connects the game player with the characters in a very intimate way.

Our work is influenced by a cross-denominational group of theologians including Darrell Bock, Alistair Begg, Jack Hayford, and Sam Rodriguez, who continue to inspire us to a greater understand of the Word.

The Lightside motto is “Authentic Christian Entertainment.” We have a solid track record of creating games that stay true to this value system, and we have been very  intentional to do so yet again in Stained Glass.

what devices will it work on?

Stained Glass will be available on iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones and tablets. It will not work on personal computers nor Facebook as our previous titles did.

When will it launch?

Stained Glass is scheduled to launch on March 15.

how does this benefit my organization?

We collected some of the reasons shared by partners who have joined our movement. Here are a few of them:

  • You are in good company. Stained Glass is a well-executed game that is supported by a cross-denominational family of ministries and theologians, including Billy Graham and Focus on the Family.  When you support Stained Glass you are joining a united, international movement.
  • Meet people where they are. We convey a relevant biblical message through a culturally effective method -- video games are played by 500 million people each week, the majority of which are adult women.
  • Believers need to be fed. Disciple your members with engaging biblical literacy. (Check out for our current story app for children, with more on the way.)
  • Spread the gospel. It is our great privilege and responsibility to share the gospel with the world. Your organization can partner with Lightside in this innovative, breakthrough method of 21st century evangelism.

Can anyone play this game?

Yes! Interestingly, 75% of the people who play this game are adults. Our core players are usually women in their 20-30s, but people of all ages and genders play these games. As we like to say, it’s fun to play for everyone from 3 to 103!

What languages is it available in?

Stained Glass will launch in English and Spanish. Subsequent releases in the following languages will occur shortly after launch:  French, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, and Russian.

does it span the entire bible?

Yes! The game will launch with stories from The Garden, Noah and Moses, with additional stories to be added in future releases. Our goal is to select stories from the entire Bible.


Stained Glass is a UNITED, global  movement!