Taste of Stained Glass Music

Enjoy an early preview of the music for Stained Glass game created by sound artist Stafford Bawlor (@StaffordBawler).  Stafford is a freelance sound designer based in the United Kingdom. You may not know his name but you will love his work.  He created the music for Monument Valley which won an Apple design award in 2014.  Have not heard of Monument Valley?  Listen to a clip of his work here.

Stained Glass is a puzzle game where you match glass pieces to unlock the greatest stories from the Bible. It has a beautiful, mysterious and majestic feel. We were inspired by music from Hillsong and we were given a license from them to reuse their music. 

Sample 1 Level Music

Listen to a sample of the music that plays on the level map when you are choosing the next level to play.  To my ears it sounds like a mystical hall of glass. It is the kind of ethereal sound like a choir of glass angels. What does it sound like to you? Leave a comment below.

Sample 2 Game Music - Oceans

If you love the song Oceans from Hillsong, you will love Stained Glass. In fact we approached the publisher and requested use of the song in the game. Stafford says,  Oceans has been edited up into sections which are randomly chosen when a level starts, so each time you go into any level you would hear a variation. Have a listen to one of the clips.

To listen to more of the music you will have to download the game when it launches March 12, 2015. Join our Facebook page and our Lightside Insider newsletter to get the scoop on more game news. 

What do you think of the music?  Are there other artists you would like to have in the game?